Financial Planning & Advisory

Helping you plan better for retirement

Most people know they need to be saving for their retirement, but don’t know how. Too often people get advice from a family member or a neighbor who “is good with stocks” and end up investing in a few hot stocks like Netflix or Google when they are already at their peaks, because they heard people made money off of those in the past. When they go down again because markets always fluctuate, they pull all their money out in a panic and swear off the market, wondering why their plan didn’t work.

At Allied Tax Planners we use time-tested, proven investment strategies to help meet your retirement goals. We try to get you in low cost funds that diversify you throughout entire industries so your success is not pinned to the welfare of a few companies. Being truly independent, we can select from all the funds in the market, rather than ones on our bosses’ list. Our strategies are based on the premise that solid science, backed by decades of academic research, offers the smartest approach to investing.

What's more, our management is personal. We take the time to get to know your situation before you invest, to make sure you only invest when it’s right for you. We stick by you, providing ongoing account management services, such as multiple free update meetings during the year, dynamic security selection and strategic rebalancing, to keep your investment allocation in perfect balance.

For compensation, we take a lesser ongoing fee based on the value of your assets instead of a larger upfront commission when you first buy your investments like most brokerages charge. That way our success is directly connected to yours; our fee will increase or decrease when your account value does the same. This way we have to keep you a happy customer for many years before we’ll make the same amount of money as a broker that gets a larger upfront fee. Most advisors working for big brokerages are paid up-front for whatever they sell to you, and they can receive incentives for using certain funds over other ones. Because of that, too often we see clients in proprietary funds that charge fees much higher than their competitors, and do not perform as well as others funds in the same category as well! When advisors are paid up-front, this poor performance will not affect how much they get paid. Our smaller ongoing fee encourages us to do our best so our fee and your investments, both go up. For this reason we as independent advisors only select investments that are in your best interest, because we want to keep you satisfied, not our managers.

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