Audit Representation

Audit Representation

Trusted audit representation backed by years of experience

The IRS gets money from the taxpayer in 85% of their audits. With Allied Tax Planners representing you, you can be part of the 15% who get a no change.

We have represented our clients in audits since 1978, and we have lots of experience. We know what documents the auditor will ask for and what documents the IRS tax code requires. We also know that since e-filing has become the standard way of filing taxes, the IRS has been saving lots of money which they’re using to do more audits.

Think about it; over the last decade, the IRS has been able to spend less and less money on paying someone to do the data entry – the e-filed returns go right into the IRS computers. This has freed up tons of time and operating capital for the IRS.

The IRS can be nasty – impounding vehicles and property, levying your bank accounts or garnishing your wages. Don’t let it get that far. Don’t ignore the letters from the government and get someone on your side; someone with the experience and knowledge to help. Talk to a tax advisor at Allied Tax by calling 925-248-6800 today.

Audit Defense

When we finished a successful audit for our clients, we hated having to tell them “The good news is you don’t owe the IRS 5,000 dollars. The bad news is you owe us four thousand dollars for our time defending you.” We didn’t like that our clients came out paying someone when they got audited, even if they did nothing wrong and we won the audit. We began offering our Audit Defense service as a solution back in 1985 to take the bite out of audits. Audit defense is essentially audit insurance. If we prepare your tax return, for a small additional charge, you will pay nothing more for our audit representation when you get audited, period. Whether the audit takes four months, or four years. This way we can take the time needed to do an excellent job of defending you, without having to worry about running up your bill.

There are some other companies that offer something similar to this, but usually it either costs more, or they don’t deliver when the time comes. We’ve had IRS revenue officers tell us about how they call the representation from the software companies and big chains “puppy mills” because they are over worked and under trained, and just try to settle every case they get as quickly as possible rather than try to get justice for their clients. Our advisors are Enrolled Agents (EA) licensed by the IRS themselves to represent clients before them, they’ve had more training in representation than CPA’s get so they are not afraid of them. When we represent you, you don’t even need to attend the audit, so you can stay home, go to work, or get things done instead.